“Dsafer” - SAAS Backend big-data security system

Meet Dsfaer, a cutting-edge cloud-based system designed to protect sensitive information. As one of the founders, I took on a challenging and significant responsibility, from shaping the system’s features, conducting research on similar solutions and competitors, designing the actual system, and managing the development process. This project has been one of the most impactful tasks in my life. Building a system from scratch with the potential to change the lives of many business owners and governmental departments is a rare and thrilling opportunity.

My Role

Well, everything.

User research, market research, user experience flow, prototyping, UI design.
Content writing, documentation writing.
Post-production design QA.

I began my work on our system by understanding the competitive forces at play in the market. I researched various companies in the field to learn about their services, clients, and the solutions they offer in their Backoffice system. My main objective was to identify the weaknesses and gaps in addressing our common problems so that we could address them effectively in our own system.

Afterwards, I proceeded to describe the system’s functionality in writing, which then served as the basis for creating a visual design framework. Finally, this framework evolved into a complete prototype.

The system includes features such as presenting big data, system configuration, risk assessment, creating companies, and establishing brands. The decision-making processes were lengthy and involved thoughtful discussions. Our system is complex, offering a wide range of possibilities, despite the scarcity of competitors and relevant case studies. To address this, we have actively generated multiple user streams by employing creative and empathetic thinking, striving to solve problems in the simplest way possible.

The user research was fascinating because we catered to a wide range of industries, including technology, finance, insurance, and government offices. Each target audience had different characteristics, varying levels of technological knowledge, and spanned across different age groups. Our goal was to come up with a single solution that would work for everyone, despite these differences.

System’s flow

All Transactions Summary – Review the most important insights of your transactions

The Challenge

Simplify the multiple-choice system.

Our security system provides users with extensive control over how information is collected and shared. However, the numerous options available can sometimes lead to confusion, a sense of complexity, and frustration. We have carefully designed the system to simplify these complexities. We maintain consistent functionality, organize multiple options, and present information in a clear and organized manner.

Dsafer’s simplicity solutions

The Routing Process

In complex systems, a common problem is navigating processes with multiple parameters. For example, in the Routing Rules system, users need to determine connections between integrations and processes based on conditions like country, amount, and percentage of operations. After careful consideration, I realized that using a long, confusing list of drop-down menus and a repetitive flowchart is not the best solution. To simplify the process, I developed Routing Rules to visually present operation diagrams using a selection tree. This helps users easily see all the available options and differentiate them with colors.

The Cherry on top

Innovative & satisfying design.

Our system’s visual choices were guided by simplicity, cleanliness, order, and innovation. These design elements aimed to create a perception of an innovative and trustworthy product. Personally, I believe that the quality of the design reflects the quality of the service, functionality, and the overall principles upheld by the system and the company it represents.



Design System


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Official website design


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