Polisave - Insurance comparison system

Polisave is an intelligent insurance comparison system. Polisave’s primary goals are to make all its users’ pension and insurance information available to them most accurately and conveniently, along with suggestions for optimizing and saving their insurance expenses, through a comparison system showing the same insurance plans at competing companies while emphasizing the cheapest offer.

My Role

Make the vision happen

User research, market research, user experience flow, prototyping, UI design.
Content writing, documentation writing.
Post-production design QA.

I made the characterization decisions after researching the product’s audience, understanding their habits and tendencies regarding their approach to insurance information and expenses, and analyzing competing companies with their products. The audience’s age range is between 24 and 58, with an average orientation in technology. Therefore, I could show quite a lot of information without being afraid that the audience would get lost; of course, I also made sure to do it orderly, with a clear hierarchy between the informants.

System’s flow

The Challenge

Make it beneficial for users, and profitable for the company.

A significant challenge we faced was presenting a lot of critical information in an organized and visually pleasing way, without overwhelming users who are not accustomed to managing their insurance information. Our goal was to lead the users to choose another insurance plan and convert them into paying customers. The multitude of variables in each insurance company’s insurance plans made it challenging to compare the plans and their prices. To address this, we created a horizontal and vertical table that clearly shows the differences between the variables in the plans, most importantly the prices of each. To encourage users to choose the most profitable plan, we highlighted the plan that our system found to be the most profitable. This attracted the user’s attention and led them to take the desired action.

How I made it profitable

The comparison system

The comparison system displays all the companies that offer similar or same insurance plans as the user’s current plan. It also shows a specification that outlines the differences between the companies in terms of the plan’s structure and price. One of Polisave’s methods of generating profit is by persuading users to abandon their current plans and join competing companies’ plans that Polisave offers. Hence, I designed the system in a way that not only makes information accessible to the user but also benefits them in understanding their insurance expenses. The system is also designed to encourage users to become paying customers of the insurance companies that Polisave offers. I achieved this by placing action buttons under each competitor’s program and throughout the website, including the fixed upper bar and in the user’s current insurance plan specification.

How I made it worthwhile for users

At present, there is no system that can provide people with accurate information regarding their insurance plans, at the level of detail that we offer. The users may not be aware of the insurance plans they are paying for, or they may not know that the price they are paying is not updated to the current market prices. Therefore, after completing the registration process and integrating with various insurance and government systems, we present users with insurance specifications for themselves and their family members. In addition, we offer them the option to significantly reduce their insurance costs, which are often much higher than the offers from competitors. We present this information to users in a detailed, orderly, and transparent manner, with a clear separation between the types of insurance – health insurance, life insurance, car insurance, and between the policies themselves. Users can view insurance plans for their relatives and make cost adjustments and discount adjustments on behalf of the entire family. While plan exchanging, the user won’t pay any additional commission, while promising the best price he can get.

The Cherry on top

Simple, yet outstanding design

It was important to me to create a design that is both clean and professional, yet friendly and approachable. With a lot of information in the system, I didn’t want the design to be overwhelming or distracting. The challenge was to stand out among similar companies, so I chose bright colors for the branding and action buttons to draw the user’s attention.



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Official website design


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